The Team Approach

We begin with a comprehensive evaluation, focused on your needs and your goals. Our clinicians work with you, your doctors, and your therapists to set functional goals and formulate a plan for your success. Our clinicians and our administrative team will meet with you to understand your insurance coverage, and plan with you the next steps in your prosthetic care.

Once we agree upon your prosthetic plan, the measurement and fitting stage will begin. Our clinicians will develop a socket custom designed to your residual limb, and work with you to make sure you are confident and comfortable in that fit. You may have revisions to that fit, as we work to ensure your socket works for you, and you may trial different components during this time. Once we agree upon the socket fit and the components, your definitive prosthesis will be fabricated. When your definitive prosthesis is finished, our process moves from fit to function to flair. We will work with you and your therapists to help you gain complete functional use of your prosthesis. We also can incorporate a custom lamination, a cosmetic finish with one of our spray skins, or other decorative finishes to customize your prosthetic limb.

The Evaluation

Our process begins with a comprehensive evaluation involving you, our clinicians, your therapists and your physician. We partner with you to set functional goals, expectations, and formulate a plan for success.

The Fit

After your initial evaluation, we design the socket for your prosthesis. We take great care in the socket design as it is the most important aspect of the prosthesis. A properly fit socket will maximize comfort and function. We know that a well fit socket is critical in maximizing the effect of the technology used in your prosthesis. You can expect to experiment with your socket design in a variety of environments assuring comfort, safety and function. Together we will analyze all aspects of the prosthetic design before it is definitively fabricated. Our fabrication takes place in our state-of-the-art facility so we can ensure the highest level of quality and streamline the manufacturing time. Upon receiving your definitive prosthesis, we begin initial gait training to build a solid foundation for your rehabilitation. We work as a team with your physical therapist to increase your independence and reach your goals.

The Technology

Prosthetic Innovations works closely with many prosthetic manufactures (Ossur, Ottobock, Fillauer, Bionx, Coapt)to develop new technologies. We have conducted pre-release testing of devices on our clients in order to help shape next generation prosthetics. Our relationships with world leading manufacturers allow us and our clients the opportunity to give direct feedback and help shape the next generation of prosthetic components.

The Coverage

We know that the insurance process can be daunting, and we are committed to working with you through this process. We begin by formulating a prosthetic plan with you and our prosthetists. We then will identify your prosthetic coverage under your insurance plan, and generate estimates about what your coverage is and what your financial share could be. We will also help identify any other potential sources of coverage that you may be eligible for. We navigate the authorization process to get you the most appropriate prosthetic technology. Our experience and persistence has enabled us to receive authorization for new and emerging technology. We will coordinate the prescription and authorization process. We will bill your insurance company once your prosthesis is delivered. Once your insurance company has processed your claim, we will assist you by verifying that the claim was processed correctly and appeal any decisions that were incorrectly decided.